Flying with Us

We operate on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays throughout the year (including outside term time). In order to fly with us, you will first need to join the club at If you are not a current UCL student, you will need to sign up for affiliate membership through the Students' Union UCL. Once your membership has been confirmed, head over to the forums and sign up for an account there. When selecting a forum username, please use something sensible so we know who you are! Send us your username in an e-mail to and we will give you access to our booking forums where you can sign up for flying.

Trial Lessons 2017

If you wish to participate in the trial lessons during the first three weekends of term, then please visit here to sign up.


You pay an annual membership which is valid until the weekend before the Welcome Fair (which happens during the first week of the academic year). Once membership is paid, you are responsible for your transport to/from the airfield and your flying costs. Associate membership is available from Students' Union UCL for all staff and alumni of UCL as well as any persons currently studying at a UK university.

Trial Lessons

We offer trial lessons during the three weekends immediately after the Welcome Fair (which happens during the first week of the academic year). These lessons are aimed at UCL students who have never tried gliding before to give it a go. The £50 fee includes transport to/from the airfield on the day as well as a 20 minute flight or 2 shorter flights, and a £10 voucher towards future flying fees if you join the club. More details can be found on the signup form here, or feel free to drop us a line at for more information about trial lessons.

What to Bring

Where to go

You must have signed up on the forum to go gliding. We meet at Marylebone Station in the seating area in front of the departure screens. Meeting time is 7:30am. This allows ample time for people to purchase tickets as well as any last minute food. If you are running late, make sure you call and let us know. Telephone numbers are available by clicking on usernames on the forum. We take the 7:57 train to Wendover on the Aylesbury via Amersham service and then use the local taxi service at the station to get to the airfield. If you wish to drive to the airfield, please let us know beforehand. HP22 5PB will get you next to the airfield (there is no postcode for the airfield itself).